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Globally there are over 4 billion people that live off of less than $2 per day. While a complex issue, Fair trade has proven to be a method that works to alleviate poverty.


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What is Fair Trade?

  • Fair Trade enables the artisan to become self sufficient through income
  • Building long-term partnerships allows artisans to continue growing
  • Receiving fair pay that is agreed upon due to market value
  • Once orders are placed a 50% payment is made with the remainder send plus the shipping cost upon completion so that the artisan is not out any cost.
  • No child labor
  • No discrimination
  • They are working in safe and healthy environment
  • Artisans work with things that are sustainable to their environment

Economic self-sufficiency creates enormous value. This empowerment enables mothers to send their children to school to obtain an education. The children grow up with an education, enabling them access to the traditional global marketplace. The cycle of poverty gets broken for that family.

When consumers make a purchase, they are impacting lives across the globe.