Completed: – Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network. We enrolled and provided care to patients through two national studies over 5 years. Both resulted in national publications that changed how we deliver diabetic eye care to our US diabetics with eye diseases.


Thanks to World Learning and the Fulbright Program, we are working with New Sight Eye Center to develop a library of training ophthalmology materials and lectures. Our goal is to purchase an Eyesi Ophthalmology Simulation system and train staff in direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy.  Robert Dolo received Liberian accreditation for his program to train mid-level professionals. Red Rover obtained a generous donation of laser lenses from Ocular Instruments to deliver at this inaugural event.

Under RRV development:

  • Liberian Eye Associates Research Network (Project LEARN) – following 14 years of civil war and an Ebola epidemic, we need to connect all eye care personnel to be able to deliver eye care based on up-to-date standards.
    • Distribute adapters to all 41 Liberian eye care personnel with smart phones.
    • Develop a reading center to collaborate.
  • Pediatric Eye Trauma Registry in Liberia – our hope is that evaluating children for eye injuries will help us understand the different life circumstances that lead to injury. Injury of both adults and children is a leading cause of death and illness worldwide. We take seatbelts, child safety caps and clean water for granted.
    • Development of a surveillance platform.
    • Documentation of pediatric eye disease in Liberia.
    • Use of the LEARN platform.
  • Mobile Eye Screening:
    • All patients need a diabetic yearly eye exam and glaucoma check – for many working Americans access is still an issue.
    • We plan to develop a high tech screening vehicle that goes to patients as a mobile office.
    • We believe someone will see our vision.