Liberia has had the Ebola epidemic and prior to this 14 years of civil war that destroyed the infrastructure–roads, hospitals, equipment, electrical “grid”. We are re-building and it is very challenging work.

In the Unites States and Europe, how we train medical residents has changed. We have moved from the traditional mentorship method to a competency based method. Our non-profit is focused on using the same methods we use in the US to apply to low income countries. Like airplane pilots, our ophthalmology residents use virtual reality simulation to practice and perfect skills…ophthalmic simulation.


Here are some photos of our slow surgical potential the old way. Our goal now is to initiate a GoFundMe campaign for the first set of ophthalmology simulators to begin training the new higher tech measure able way in Liberia. Watch our latest video in conjunction with the great folks at Johns Hopkin’s mHealth initiative–Last Mile Ophthalmology for our new vision. Our initial goal for the first simulator one is $38,000 and second simulator is $70,000.