Robin E. Martini’s Favorite Childhood Book

AreYouThereGodWhen I was 10 years old, I checked out a book recommended by our school librarian. What a fabulous book it turned out to be!

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. By: Judy Blume

Finally an adult that knew exactly what I was feeling, and struggling with. Puberty can be a very hard time for young girls. I remember laughing out loud, and shaking my head in agreement with Margaret’s angst. Oh the desire to fill out that first training bra, the worries of starting ones first period, and that first kiss! With that said Margaret also struggles with religion and what she believes in. Is there a God? Margaret comes form a mixed religion family. Her father is Jewish, and mom Christian. She feels pulled in two different directions by her grandparents and struggles to make her own decisions.