Swaziland – Gone Rural


Gone Rural was born in 1992 in Swaziland with the vision to empower women for generations to come. Gone Rural is comprised of over 800 woman artisans. Using Lutindzi grass, which grows wild and abundant in the hills of Swaziland this group produces high quality baskets. As part of their organization Bo Make, meaning“women or mother “ in Swazi, is a non-profit artisan group that does development projects to improve education, health, and sanitation for the artisans and their families.

Since continued education is not free in Swaziland, it is not uncommon for the girls to stop going to school once fees for schooling is required, which is typically beyond the 6th grade. Our non-profit in 2014 raised and provided a significant charitable contribution to Gone Rural. The donations solely go to educating the girls beyond the 6th grade. Education has been the proven link to health and the elevation out of poverty.